Affilang NEU

Our affiliate program is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is fully automated 24/7 and the commissions are calculated in real time.


Every customer is also a partner. After opening an account, you have immediate access into your affiliate structure and can view all partner commissions 24/7.

Marketing material: 

  • In the wallet the direct link dispatch over many "Social Medias" is possible!
  • Banner Material 
  • For large affiliate structures own promotion actions are possible which are generated over a coupon code. This promotion is then only available from this affiliate!

Earn in 6 partner levels and up to 32% commission on all sales of the partners recruited by you. 

That's good to know:

  • Commission requirements: at the moment when the trade is completed, you will receive your commission in this second, it is a fully automated real-time settlement software!
  • Are there minimum turnover requirements?: NO
  • If the Affiliate Program Software has been tested and is safe: YES, our software is licensed and certified by KASPERSKY LAB!
  • How long do I get commission?: You get commission for ALWAYS as long as your referred customer is trading!
  • Partner levels: There are 6 partner levels, 1)17% 2)5% 3)4% 4)3% 5)1% 6)1%